Monday, December 17, 2007

The House that Jack Built

This, my friends, is the (ginger)bread house that Jack built (with help from is Aunt Maimy).
Last Monday I arrived at his house with a big gift bag filled with icing, graham crackers, red icing, green icing, twizzlers, gummi bears, peppermint disks, jelly circles, white sprinkles, and a flap book about a gingerbread house for my nephew.
I am very proud of his interest and skills in this gingerbread house project since he is only two! He has an interest in cooking and food, so he enjoyed himself as much as I did.
Once I colored some of the frosting green, we used a spatula to spread it over a flat piece of cardboard. Once I showed him how to spread, he pushed my hand away and said "Maimy no," which means he wanted to do it himself. :) As he spread the frosting, I was able to construct a quick house. We placed it down and then spread white sprinkles to make snow. This turned into The Great Sprinkle Debacle. While most made it on the green frosting, some ended up all over the floor. Thank God for mini vacs. After that, we started decorating and he took a huge wad of gummi bears and stuck them in one section. I was tempted to leave it, because it was so cute, but I was able to show him how to spread them out. Once I gave him the green icing (see photo),there was no going back. I was constantly shoving candy pieces on front of him to stack together or to place on the house! The Great Peppermint Pandemic occurred after we took turns liking the spatula filled with vanilla frosting. The unwrapped disks started flying everywhere at Jack's hand - we made a game of throwing them up in the air and screaming. My sister said she found another one just yesterday under the cabinets. :)
It is my true hope that this will begin a new tradition for me and Jack and we shall build a gingerbread house each year!


Manic Mom said...

That is a gingerbread extravaganza! Beautiful!

BTW, are pignoli cookies made with pinenuts??? YUM!

**¤ ¤** said...

what fun!!!
and how smart to make the gingerbreak house at your sisters place..


Jen said...

it's good to see some holiday traditions live on. I miss the days my sister and I would make and frost sugar cookies--now her kids do it! :) Merry merry...

Bird said...

such glee this posting gives me! and sends me down memory lane, thinking of the gingerbread houses my children and i constucted. i had heavy pans in the shape of house parts which we filled with not quite gingerbread batter itself, but a ginger cookie dough (harder - stronger - gingerbread itself is quite like cake).

we made mini-gingerbread houses out of graham crackers too. but of course, the icing and decorating part is the best!

Here's to the Peppermint Pandemic!

david santos said...

Hello, nice photos, thank you.

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Khalipha said...

Great work.